Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review

Before examining the trading course that the Knightsbridge Academy has to offer, let us briefly explore what the Knightsbridge Trading Academy is all about. Knightsbridge Trading Academy is a learning platform that operates out of London, England intending to enhance trading skills among its students through the utilization of the latest trends and technological advancements in the field of trading.

What is Knightsbridge Trading Academy?

The Knightsbridge Academy is associated with the London Stock Exchange Group Academy which enables it to offer a first-hand learning experience to students. Also, the tutors are financial experts who are connected with some of the most illustrious financial institutions around the globe. This way, not only do the students gain from the trading course being taught, but they also gain from the practical experience that these tutors have accrued over the years.

The students get to learn from tutors associated with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI) along with financial analysts and prominent brokers in the financial industry. With a combined experience of about 75 years, the tutors focus on improving the student’s understanding in terms of trading and investment. Part of the focus includes providing students with a general understanding of the financial markets along with basic to advanced trading operations which include risk assessment, risk management, investment psychology, news interpretation, and technical analysis. The main goal here is for the students to develop a comprehensive skillset in trading and investing.

Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review forex trading course

The Knightsbridge Academy Trading Course

The course provides students with a high-quality trading education along with trading support from experts and the opportunity to make substantial profits from top-notch strategies. Incorporated into the trading course are accelerated learning and trade marketing skills while the students also remain a part of Knightsbridge Trading Academy even after they have completed the course and received their certification. This way, they can still utilize some of the Knightsbridge Academy trading resources and tools.

The certification students receive after completing the trading course comes from top-notch financial platforms such as the CPD Certification Service, the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI), and the London Stock Exchange Group. This high level of certification means that students have the confidence to build a profitable and prestigious trading career. The course is available both online and in person which means regardless of residential location, people can enroll in this course and learn from some of the best tutors in the world.

The trading course is divided into three parts namely the beginner course, the intermediate, and the advanced. Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review the beginner course will provide students with an overview and basic insight into trading and investment. The intermediate course will expand on the knowledge provided by the beginner course and enhance the students’ trading skills.

And finally, the advanced course turns the student into a professional trader with a higher level of knowledge and learning materials. Also, there is a course bundle that combines the three parts of the trading course into one. It allows students to save some money while also reducing the number of classes students have to attend. We will now examine the three parts of the course in detail along with the course bundle.

Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review forex course

The Beginner Course

This is known as Introduction to Financial Markets and it is accredited by the CPD. It has a duration of ten hours, 13 lectures, one quiz, and a pass percentage of 70, and on completion, students are issued a certificate. Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review the course costs £199 and it provides students with a solid foundation in trading by starting from the stock exchange along with the various types of asset classes and markets, before moving to some major instruments and methods.

This course focuses on Forex which makes it perfect for beginners that are interested in taking a leap into the stock market sector. Students can expect the following from the course:

  • A step-by-step approach

The course is designed to transform students from complete novices with little or no experience of the financial markets to a level of understanding where they are confident enough to set up their own trading accounts and start placing trades.

  • Learning at their own pace

There is no rigid timetable that students need to follow to complete the course. It is a video course that allows students to watch and learn the modules at suitable times regardless of their routine. It is up to them to decide the period they want to study the course as well as the speed with which they will learn.

  • Course recap at any time

Once the course has been bought, students get unlimited access to it and they can always refresh their memory or if they forget something they have learned, they can always check it to remember. The bottom line is that the course can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any device.

Knightsbridge trading academy forex trading courses

Aims of the course

Since the course is designed to be transformational, it has specific aims that will allow it to impart the necessary knowledge to the students. It begins with students learning and understanding what the stock exchange market is while also ensuring that they master the major asset classes that are traded including some of their unique points.

It also aims to turn the students into skilled individuals at the three major types of markets and some securities sold there. Furthermore, it intends to impart a comprehension of what forex is and the important points about currency trading along with an understanding of cash instruments and derivatives as well as their different methods. In summary, the course aims for students to learn the following:

  • Factors to consider when becoming a trader
  • The different types of traders
  • Types of financial markets
  • Different types of asset classes
  • Financial instruments and trading methods
  • The Economic Calendar and Fundamental Analysis
  • Market Rationality and Psychological Biases
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

The Intermediate Course

This is known as the Master Trader Program and it is also accredited by CPD featuring a duration of 10 hours, 1 quiz, 11 lectures, a pass percentage of 70, and an issued certificate on completion. The course costs £399. It is designed for novice traders that are interested in learning about and understanding the core fundamentals of trading, or experienced traders that are looking to refresh the fundamentals of any trading strategy.

The course is made available via online educational videos and live webinars while there is a multiple-choice test once each module is completed. The Knightsbridge Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students when they complete this course.

Furthermore, Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review This course was created in collaboration with the brokers that sponsor the trading program which is why students can begin trading on their own time once they pass this course. Since it is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it is safe and secure and students will enjoy full trading transparency once their trading journey begins. Students will also have access to a professional support team that will help them through the trading process as well as trading platforms that have a wide range of products to offer along with good pricing, a high level of liquidity, and efficient execution.

The Advanced Course

This is known as the CISI & CPD-Accredited Online Trading Program and it features the following: seven lectures, an eight-hour duration, one quiz, a pass percentage of 70, and issuance of a certificate on completion. This course is made available through a collaboration between Knightsbridge Trading Academy and the London Stock Exchange Group Academy which makes it a unique and globally recognized financial education course. It is available for £899.

The course is designed in such a way that motivated and aspirational students/traders taking this course have access to the education and resources needed to build a successful career in the trading industry. So far, many students/traders who have completed this course have gone on to pursue careers in the following sectors:

  • FCA Control functions
  • Investment Management
  • Trading
  • Financial Analysis
  • Wealth Management
  • Candlestick charting
  • Brokerage firms

This course is unique because it was designed exclusively to meet the learning needs of financial professionals so that such individuals are well-equipped to meet the standards demanded of professionals in the financial industry. Therefore, full help desk and online support are made accessible to students so that they can speak directly to their tutors and the academy’s support team about any possible questions or challenges they might be dealing with.

As mentioned earlier, the course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI) while it is certified by Continued Professional Development (CPD). As a result, when students complete this course, they receive a Certificate in International Introduction to Securities and Investments. Also, successful students will be awarded CPD points as well as a Certificate of Achievement from the London Stock Exchange Group Academy.

The three-course bundle

This is a bundle that combines the 3 parts of the original trading course into one for a reasonable price and it is available for a limited time. It is suitable for those who are new to trading and are interested in trading financial markets; and also for existing traders who are looking to make the most of their returns.

Since it is a combination of the three parts of the course, it also has the same ultimate goal of turning an individual with no trading experience into an advanced professional trader so that such a person can pursue a trading career and be successful. With this course bundle, students will learn how to effectively navigate the MT4 platform along with the application of knowledge of aspects like moving averages, price action, stochastics, and price patterns. Students who purchase this course bundle will still have access to support and experienced tutors just like in the original trading course.

The major advantage this course bundle holds over buying the original course one after the other is the cost. While the original trading course is available at a combined cost of £1,497, this three-course bundle is available for just £1149.

Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review forex training course

Pros and Cons of Knightsbridge Trading Academy Course


  • Opportunity to collaborate with a top-notch financial platform
  • Access to 24/7 teaching assistance
  • Enrolling flexible options
  • Recognized certifications from prominent institutions
  • Learning from experienced and expert tutors
  • Access to interactive online classrooms with live instructor support
  • It is the best option for beginners, intermediates, and professionals altogether
  • Makes trading support available along with accelerated trading strategies


  • The cost can be quite steep which might put some people off
  • There are limited courses to choose from due to the entire trading course lacking a wide range of variety.


Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review hint

Now that it is clear what the trading course from the Knightsbridge Trading Academy is about. Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review gives a little idea of the academy itself, it can be seen that the course is aimed at providing individuals interested in trading with top-notch trading education and resources that give them the necessary confidence to pursue a career as a trader or any other position in the financial industry.

With Knightsbridge Trading Academy Reviews from people who have purchased the course and completed it, it stands to reason that this trading course is looking to turn its students into world-class financial professionals who can conduct financial transactions at the highest level while adhering to the strict rules and regulations guiding the financial industry.

Also, the collaboration with prominent institutions while also featuring experienced and professional tutors shows that the course is trying to provide nothing less than quality learning to the students. This is also why the course is divided into three parts so that it can cater to the learning needs of the students based on their level of understanding of the financial markets.

This is why it is recommended for those with little or no knowledge of the financial markets to start with the beginner course rather than jump to the intermediate or advanced while those with a certain level of knowledge can start with the intermediate course and the veterans can go straight for the advanced course to enhance their trading skills and acumen. Experienced traders who do not want the Knightsbridge Trading Academy course can also take advantage of the academy’s Enigma strategy to start receiving signals immediately. All the necessary information on how to benefit from the Enigma strategy can be found on the academy’s Signals page.

Before enrolling in any course, it is advisable for you to check the conditions and requirements to be sure you meet them. This will also be useful for you in being regular with your classes while also making it easier to track your progress. That is everything about the trading course from Knightsbridge Trading Academy and hopefully, it helps guide you in the course to enroll for.

Knightsbridge trading academy forex trading courses

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Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review
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