MT4 Tutorial Terminal

   MetaTrader4, MT4 tutorial terminal will guide You through the process of better understanding this great trading platform.  Knowing your platform will make your trading easier and will help to improve your trading skills. Trading is about constantly improving your skills, one of them is through knowing how your platform functions.

   Terminal overview:

MT4 Tutorial Terminal Metatrader 4

   The Terminal Window displays your account information like Open Trades, Closed Trades, and any info needed to analyze your trading:  

–   The ‘Trade’ tab will display your account balance as well as any Open Trades. The available Margin and Profits or Losses.
–   The ‘Exposure‘ will display the summary information about the state of assets by all open positions.
–   The ‘Account History’ tab will display the exact same information as your ‘Trade’ tab, so from here, you can analyze any trade that has finished.
–   The ‘News’ tab will display a list of income news.

–   The ‘Alerts’ tab will allow you to set up alerts for trades.
–    The ‘Mailbox’ tab will display any messages sent from the brokers. There are some interesting subjects that get handled now and then, so it is worth a look.  
–   ‘Market‘ will display a store of MQL4 applications at Here they can download for free or buy trading robots, indicators, and other applications for the trading terminal. 
–   ‘Articles’ tab will display articles about MT4, indicators, expert advisors, and strategies at

–   ‘Code base‘ will allow you to access the code base published at right from the client terminal. Selecting a necessary MQL4 application at this tab, you can download it and attach it to the chart right away.
–    The ‘Experts’ tab will show you if any of the EA’s loaded on a chart initialized. So you can spot-check for problems here.  
–   The ‘Journal’ tab will do most of your problem solving on your ExpertAdvisor as this will tell you each move and order that the ExpertAdvisor sends out to the server.  

   MT4 Tutorial Terminal Market Watch overview:

MT4 Tutorial Market Watch Metatrader 4

 The Market Watch Window displays all the tradable instruments available by the specific broker. It shows information such as the symbols & their Bid & Ask prices. The arrows to the left of the symbols indicate whether the new tick/price went up or down in value. When right-clicking on the Market Watch Window, you can select the ‘Show all’ header to show every tradable instrument in the window. You will also be able to open a new chart window and enter a new order from here.

   Navigator overview:

MT4 Tutorial Navigator Window MetaTrader 4

Through the Navigator Window, you can select your accounts, Indicators, Expert Advisors (EA), Custom Indicators & Scripts.  The Scripts section is very similar to the Expert Advisors Section. It also runs automated scripting, but the big difference is that a script will only perform one function like close a trade.

MT4 Tutorial Terminal Status Bar overview:

Status bar metatrader 4 tutorial

The Status Bar will display info like the type of profile being used, the current candle the cursor is on will display time, open, high, low & close, the connection you have to the trade server. You can click on the profile wording and choose a new profile as a dropdown box will appear, thus acting as another shortcut. You can troubleshoot connection problems by having a look at your connection status. A  deactivated Demo will display ‘Invalid Account’. ‘No Connection’ will be displayed if there is no internet connection.

MetaTrader 4 tutorial. Learn MT4 step by step

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MT4 Tutorial Terminal
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