Naked Forex Trading

Naked Chart Trading Naked Forex trading or naked chart trading can also be known as ‘price action trading’. Chart trading is based on candlestick and price chart patterns. Entry decisions are based on the analysis of candlesticks and charts without any indicators. Learning to read charts and candlestick patterns is a crucial part of learning how to become[…]

Forex trading strategies guide

Forex Trading strategies guide    A forex trading strategy describes a system for a forex trader to determine when to enter or exit the market. There are numerous strategies that traders can pursue. It is important to comprehend and feel very comfortable with the strategy. Every trader has unique targets and resources, which need to be[…]

Top 10 Indicators for MetaTrader 4

Top 10 indicators for MetaTrader 4:    Many traders use technical indicators to forecast where the market may be going. In MetaTrader, you can select up to 30 different technical indicators to appear in the chart. Trading indicators are the best tools for technical traders to predict price movements and trends. Whether you’re trading forex, commodities, or stocks,[…]

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