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This article is essentially a Traders4Traders review which describes what the company is about as well as the courses they offer to potential traders on forex trading to help them build a sustainable career as a professional trader. 

What is Traders4Traders?

Traders4Traders review of the company that provides courses in forex trading to interested traders so that they can become more adept at navigating the forex market. The courses serve as educational materials that hold the potential to turn beginner traders into professional traders within a specific amount of time.

The company designs the forex trading course in such a way that irrespective of whether the individual is a new or existing forex trader, the individual is taught from the basics before moving to the advanced knowledge that will eventually prepare them for a career in professional trading.

Traders4Traders forex trading courses

The forex market is undoubtedly a dynamic marketplace that is constantly in flux which is why the company emphasizes that traders begin with professional training. The traders are then positioned to receive continual support professionally in the areas of technical analysis, market analysis, trade execution, capital management, and fundamental analysis. This is made possible through a partnership with the CPD Certification Service that provides the structure for this continuous professional development.

Traders4Traders has been in existence since the year 2010 which is when they started making courses available for people to learn forex trading. Initially, the knowledge was made available to a limited set of people but over the years, the number of people that began to have access to the course started increasing until the course became available to everyone now.

An Overview of the Trading Course

Traders4Traders review a trading course known as Diploma in Professional Forex Trading which provides traders with an incredible opportunity to trade professionally for a professional forex fund or company. It is a rigorous program that provides students with adequate preparation and development that make them suitable for employment. The employment usually starts with a guaranteed trader position with the T4TCapital incubator fund once the student completes and graduates the course successfully.

The T4TCapital incubator fund will give such students a chance to distinguish themselves as forex traders by showing excellent trading skills in a live fund trading environment. The ultimate goal is to then have an opportunity to trade with one of the hedge fund companies in the world through the external fund manager partners of Traders4Traders.

Aims of the Diploma

Traders4Traders review – Aims of the Diploma. Since the Diploma is designed to prepare and develop students for employment in the forex industry, therefore, for the duration of the course, students can expect to learn the following:

  • An in-depth understanding of the financial markets and how they relate to the forex market.
  • How to engage in profitable trading in the forex market with an emphasis on risk management throughout.
  • The importance of teamwork will be a critical requirement to perform well and succeed while working at a professional fund.

The unique thing about the diploma is that it is very dynamic and individualized which means it is designed to fit each student’s risk profile, aptitude, and experience, as well as the requirements demanded by the T4TCapital trading team. The diploma has five major aspects and we will be examining each one.

Free Course Traders4Traders review

Traders4Traders review – Free Course. There is a free course available and just about anyone can register for it as there are no specific prerequisites to get started. This stems from the company’s commitment to making professional forex trading education available to everyone considering that there is a lot of inaccurate information on the internet about forex trading. The course lasts for only five hours and can be accessed at any time.

This course Traders4Traders review found is suitable for investors, complete beginners, students, 401k retirees, military veterans, entrepreneurs, and even existing retail traders, particularly looking to enhance trade performance. Interested individuals only need to register on the website to have access to this free course on forex trading.

Traders4Traders review forex training

Module 1: Foundation Forex Trading Course

Traders4Traders review – Foundation Forex Training Course. This is the first paid course from Trader4Trader and it costs $499; it has the following features:

  • Lifetime access
  • 100% tuition fee rebate scheme
  • Over 200 video lessons
  • Twenty hours of on-demand lessons
  • Software for trade execution
  • $100,000 practical assessment

This course is designed for beginners, retail traders, investors, and Institutions to expose them to knowledge about:

  • Standard methodology in the forex industry
  • Dynamic capital management
  • Timing trade entry
  • The ‘causes’ of movement in the forex market
  • The effect of the movement on the market
  • How to trade like a bank trader
  • Quick and efficient execution of trades
  • Proper market structure
  • Capitalizing on major stop-loss runs
  • Scalping the market with total control
  • Properly utilizing the Fibonacci indicator
  • Trading as a business
  • Trade execution using the T4T tools made available
  • Trading the live economic data releases

To sum it up, this foundation Traders4Traders forex course will provide students with the specific knowledge that investment bank traders have accumulated over the years about the market. Generally, bank traders do not lose because they are ‘currency mercenaries’ with full training and knowledge of when to take the cash out of the market. This same knowledge is what students will be equipped with so that they can examine any currency pair and make quick sense of it so that they instantly know how to execute their trading plan precisely with no errors or hesitation.

Once students complete this course, they will be given a practical assessment. It is a demo trading account that students will use to prove that they have indeed learned the required skills for trading. After passing the practical assessment, students will then be funded with a live trading account that is sponsored by T4TCapital and they will be eligible for a specific percentage of the profits.

Module 2: Advanced Forex Trader Workshop

Traders4traders best forex trading courses

Traders4Traders review – The Advanced Forex Trader Workshop focuses on providing students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, and the Refinitiv Metastock Xenith news service. The cost is $1,499 and it also features the $100,000 practical assessment just like the Foundation Forex trading course.

The experience level required for this course ranges from beginners to experts but unlike the foundation course, this has specific prerequisites:

  • Subscription and installation of  Metastock Xenith
  • Completion of the foundation forex course
  • Installation of all T4T trading tools on the student’s MT4

The advanced forex trader workshop used to be conducted in person but the pandemic has forced the course to be switched to an online format. This course serves as the bridge between retail and professional trading as it is an advanced forex trading course where the students’ trading skills are further polished while also having an opportunity to enhance their earning potential with bigger trading accounts.

The content of this course expands on the content from Module 1 while at the same time training the student to ‘read’ the market by utilizing Refinitiv Metastock Xenith which is a professional real-time global data service. Traders4Traders review that this course is where the knowledge of technical analysis and macroeconomic fundamental analysis come together to give students the foundations on which they will build their daily trade routine.

Traders4Traders students will also learn about assessing a trading opportunity to determine if it should be categorized as a low-risk, medium-risk, or high-risk trading opportunity. Once this information is available to them, they can apply their trading plan accordingly which incorporates all aspects ranging from entry levels to capital management and exit levels.

After students have gone through all the online workshop videos and completed this course, they will have unwavering confidence and control in regard to their trading activities. They will already have a full understanding of the mechanics of the financial markets, especially the relationship between currencies, equities, bonds, and interest rates as well as the knowledge of how to use the T4T trading tools to efficiently execute trades.

Practical Assessment and Objectives

This course also features a $100,000 practical assessment as earlier mentioned and in this case, if the drawdown limits are breached by the student, then he or she will have to pay $199 which is the full reset fee to continue for the opportunity of funding for traders. To pass the practical assessment, certain objectives must be met by the students which include making a profit of 8% without violating any drawdown limits and also having an overall win ratio that is greater than or equal to 50%.

Scaling up the Live Account

After passing the $100,000 practical assessment, the student is then provided with a live T4TCapital account that is fully funded with $100,000 to trade. The student also signs a trading agreement withT4TCapital. The funded trading account is then eligible for the student to use for trading and if the trading objectives of 8% profit and an overall win ratio of greater than or equal to 50% are met, then the account can be scaled up to $250,000 since the student has shown the capacity for profitable trading and adequate fund management.

Learning Outcomes of the Advanced Forex Trading Course

Generation of trade ideas

Students will have the chance to suggest trade ideas that are effective by applying critical thinking and intensive market analysis.

Precise execution of the trading plan

Students will understand the importance of adhering to the daily routine, trading plan, and ensuring flawless execution of trades.

Management of capital

Students will be able to utilize and implement strict capital management principles throughout their trading activities that will enable them to capitalize on optimum trade setups and trending markets as well as offer protection to their accounts against large drawdowns.

Market knowledge

Students will gain a complete understanding of the forex market along with the underlying macroeconomic fundamentals that are responsible for various movements in the financial markets.

Module 3: Trader Development Program

Traders4Traders review – The Trader Development Program is quite advanced as the experience level is limited to intermediate to experts. The cost of this course is $4,999 and it also includes the $100,000 practical assessment but does not feature reset fees. It also features weekly team meetings as well as one-on-one meetings on demand. Furthermore, it has specific prerequisites which are straightforward because it simply requires interested students to have completed both modules 1 and 2.

The trader development program is intensive as it prepares and develops students towards becoming full-time employees as traders with T4TCapital LLC or even with any other professional forex trading company. Traders4Traders review that it is designed in such a way that the students become professional forex wealth traders that can trade for the T4TCapital FX Incubator Fund. It helps students to develop the necessary skills and gain experience that will enable them to build a successful trading career with the company.

Generally, it takes about 3 to 6 months to complete the program but it might take longer if it becomes clear that the student requires more time to get to the stage of the final qualification. When students join this program, they are not seen as a customer of T4T anymore but rather as members of the T4TCapital team. This will give them access to dedicated mentors who will provide them with constant support as they learn and practice at every stage of development. This is also why they are part of team meetings and have access to one-on-one meetings when needed.

Over the duration of this program, the student’s ability to analyze the forex market and fine-tune trade execution will be enhanced while also identifying opportunities to generate profit through the application of superior capital management skills. Students will also receive an abundance of feedback along with regular assessments as there are various ‘stages’ that students need to go through before completing the program. The feedback and assessment will enable students to know their level of progress.

To complete the Traders4Traders Trader Development Program, students have to pass a final assessment which is used to determine their readiness to trade and this is the point where they graduate. Once students pass this final assessment, they become an Associate Trader with T4TCapital and are fully equipped to trade.


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Traders4Traders review – Graduation. Once students have undertaken live trading for at least 2 months, the mentors will then evaluate and assess each student by using certain requirements to determine if all the necessary qualities to be a professional trader have been shown by the student and whether they are indeed ready to trade for the company. Traders4Traders review requirements used to determine the readiness of a student trader are:

  • The drawdowns are weighed against the student’s overall profitability
  • The level of understanding of the market
  • Teamwork, level of contribution, and attendance of weekly webinars

Traders4Trader’s final call of graduation is made by the Chief Education Officer and if the student is declared eligible, he or she graduates and is given the position of an ‘Associate Trader’ with access to start trading with the T4TCapital Incubator Fund.

Traders4Traders review concludes everything about the forex trading course from Traders4Traders which gives traders an opportunity to be part of the company as professional traders. However, interested individuals who want to be successful in this program rather than just make up the numbers need to be completely focused, disciplined, committed, and dedicated throughout the duration of the course. 

Traders4Traders Review
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