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What can You Trade on Weekends

What can You Trade on Weekends? High leverage is a major feature of retail trading that is attractive to traders. Also the freedom of trading at any time You want directly from your smartphone or laptop is another attractive feature. However, all the financial markets do not operate in the same way nor feature the[…]

Stop Out Level in Forex. What is a Stop Out Calculator?

Stop Out Level in Forex Forex traders dread to stop out levels in trades. This trade situation is avoided by many traders, however, some traders don’t understand how this works. New traders wonder what is stop out level in Forex is. In this article, stop out level in Forex trading will be explained in detail,[…]

Elliott Wave Theory Rules in Forex Trading

Elliott Wave Theory Rules in Forex Trading Over the last decade, forex trading has increased in popularity, and many people have taken Forex to be a full-time career. Most Forex traders are day traders who always use technical analysis to understand the movement of the forex market. Technical analysis has been said to help traders[…]

How to use support and resistance levels

How to Use Support and Resistance Levels Support and resistance are phrases used to differentiate price levels on a price chart. These price levels act as some type of gauge that limits the movement of price within a range. So many traders find it difficult to understand this aspect of forex trading. The price chart[…]

How To Calculate PIP Value In Forex Trading

How To Calculate PIP Value In Forex Trading Pip stands for “price interest point” or percentage interest point.” A pip is the smallest price movement made by an exchange rate based on the forex market structure. In other words, it is the minimum tick that a currency pair moves in an upward or downward direction.[…]

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