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How to use support and resistance levels

How to Use Support and Resistance Levels Support and resistance are phrases used to differentiate price levels on a price chart. These price levels act as some type of gauge that limits the movement of price within a range. So many traders find it difficult to understand this aspect of forex trading. The price chart[…]

How To Calculate PIP Value In Forex Trading

How To Calculate PIP Value In Forex Trading Pip stands for “price interest point” or percentage interest point.” A pip is the smallest price movement made by an exchange rate based on the forex market structure. In other words, it is the minimum tick that a currency pair moves in an upward or downward direction.[…]

How To Trade Forex With a Full Time Job

How To Trade Forex With a Full Time Job Not every individual has the ability to trade Forex full time. Several individuals wish to trade Forex, but cannot constantly trade forex. However, there are a lot of part-time Forex traders. Being a part-time Forex trader can be a difficult task, juggling between work and having[…]

Forex regulation – who regulates the currency market?

Who regulates the currency market? – Forex regulation The forex market falls under the scope of the financial market and operations, therefore we will take a look at the definition of financial regulation before looking into what forex regulation entails since it is a form of financial regulation. Financial regulation refers to the form of[…]

Best Exotic Forex Pairs to Trade

Best Exotic Forex Pairs to Trade Forex trading is the buying and selling of currency pairs. It entails the opening and closing of trade positions based on the speculation of currencies. Forex trading is the biggest online trade in the world. The forex market is actively traded with about 1.6 trillion every day, making it[…]

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