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Trading based on economic news

Trading based on economic news Some traders who go short base their trade analysis on technical calculation and price trends. It is normal for traders to disregard fundamental aspects of trade but instead analyze price trends. However, Trading based on economic news is just as essential as trading with technical analysis. There are a lot of news[…]

Is CFD Trading worth it?

Is CFD Trading worth it? WHAT IS (CFD) CONTRACT FOR DIFFERENCE? A contract for difference (CFD) is referred to as the contract between two traders, buyers and sellers. The contract states that the buyer will pay the difference between the contract price and the present price. CFDs give traders the privilege to make income from[…]

Habits of successful traders

Habits of successful traders The ultimate goal of becoming a trader is to be successful. Many people venture into the trading world to successfully open and close trades. People are attracted to the lavish lifestyle that comes with trading. Like the expensive cars and the expensive vacations on some islands. Becoming a successful trader requires[…]

Is Forex a pyramid scheme?

Is Forex a Pyramid Scheme? There are many misconceptions about Forex. One of them is that Forex trading is a scam, and forex brokers are pyramid schemes. Although, there are lots of scam companies hiding under the Forex trading flag. Unfortunately, most traders often encounter them, which brings us to the question, is forex a[…]

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